He has no plans to record an album again, though admits he’d love to record the cowboy standard “Red River Valley.” “I’ve been singing [it] so much lately,” he says. I don't know why I wandered out to this part of Texas drunk, and you took me in and pitied me and helped me to straighten out, marry me. Photo: Jeff Bridges (left) and Robert Duvall in Fox Searchlight Pictures' "Crazy Heart" "Crazy Heart" has been described as similar to your film "Tender Mercies." Duvall won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role as country western singer Mac Sledge in Tender Mercies (1983). [13] Harper was believed by some to be a strong contender for either Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress, but ultimately she was nominated in neither category. [16] Duvall collaborated with Beresford in deciding on the unusual staging of the emotional scene in which Mac sings it after reflecting on the reunion with his daughter. [78] The Times' Canby wrote, "In all respects Tender Mercies is so good that it has the effect of rediscovering a kind of film fiction that has been debased over the decades by hack moviemakers, working according to accepted formulas, frequently to the applause of the critics as well as the public. Sterritt called it "one of the most finely wrought achievements to reach the screen in recent memory. The screenplay by Horton Foote focuses on Mac Sledge, a recovering alcoholic country music singer who seeks to turn his life around through his relationship with a young widow and her son in rural Texas. [25] Duvall said he thought Buckley perfectly conveyed the underlying frustration of a country singer and "brought a real zing to [the] part. I put Billy Joe in The Apostle and the second day we were filming, he said, ‘Hell, I’ve got this deal licked.’ He was such a natural. With Bruce Beresford, Wilford Brimley, Betty Buckley, Robert Duvall. The difference between this and "Tender Mercies" was I had a support system in "Tender." [17] The filmmakers eventually decided on a property that had been sitting abandoned by a Waxahachie highway. Tender Mercies(1983) Soundtracks. [65], Tender Mercies was released on March 4, 1983,[66] in only three theaters: one in New York City, one in Los Angeles, and one in Chicago. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of recovering alcoholic musician Mac Sledge in 1983’s Tender Mercies. When Mac refuses to answer, the reporter explains he is writing a story about him and has interviewed his ex-wife, Dixie Scott (Betty Buckley), a country music star who is performing nearby. [15], The film was given a budget of $4.5 million ($12,655,015 in 2019 dollars), modest by Hollywood standards at the time. [8], Film historian Gary Edgerton said the Tender Mercies script "catapulted Horton Foote into the most active professional period in his life. [69] It was also shown at the 1983 International Film Festival of India in New Delhi. His beery singing voice is a revelation, and his unfussy, brightly burnished acting is the kind for which awards were invented." They start attending a Baptist church on a regular basis. Robert Duvall, winner of Best Actor for "Tender Mercies" Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images "[86] Duvall, who was presented with the Oscar by country music star, Dolly Parton, said of winning the award, "It was a nice feeling, knowing I was the home-crowd favorite. and I said, 'I don't know Robert Duvall. He meets the owner, a young widow named Rosa Lee (Tess Harper), and offers to work in exchange for a room. After further arguments, the two made amends and returned to work on the film. “I had a career aside from those two, but those two guys, who were very different, really helped my career. When country star Willie Nelson offered to help publicize it, a studio executive told Duvall she did not understand how the singer could contribute to the promotion, which Duvall said was indicative of the studio's failure to understand both the film and the country music genre. [62] The dialogue in other scenes suggests the threat of mortality, including a moment when Mac has trouble singing due to his bad voice and says, "Don't feel sorry for me, Rosa Lee, I'm not dead yet. It’s not because Duvall could actually sing a great country song. Although Duvall regularly acknowledged his talent as a director, he said of Beresford, "He has this dictatorial way of doing things with me that just doesn't cut it. [22], Tess Harper was performing on stage in Texas when she attended a casting call for a minor role in the film. Log in Ask Question. "Tender Mercies" is a strong character study about a washed-up country singer (Robert Duvall, in his Oscar-winning role) who finds the will to live and makes the most of his life. It is no surprise that Robert Duvall won the Oscar for his role as he was just outstanding in my opinion. The reason was that they rarely recognized Mr. Duvall from one part to another, so effortlessly did he vanish into each celluloid persona. ... Beresford's nice little movie seems so afraid to make a false move that it runs the danger of not moving at all. The town portrayed in the film is never identified by name. [15] Upon finding one man with the exact accent he wanted, Duvall had him recite the entire script into the recorder. Photo is dated 05-15-1983. The film was released on March 4, 1983, in a limited number of theatres. [13], Harper described the extent to which Duvall inhabited his character: "Someone once said to me, 'Well, how's Robert Duvall?' [13] Duvall made an effort to help Harper, who was making her film debut. She passionately sings several songs that Mac wrote years earlier, and he leaves in the middle of the performance. "When I did Tender Mercies, it was not this much fun working, believe me. He and Beresford repeatedly clashed during production, at one point prompting the director to walk off the set and reportedly consider quitting the film. The old rink was upstairs and became the dance floor of the Opry House, where the concert and bar scenes were filmed. '"[24] Beresford, too, said the transformation was so believable that he could feel his skin crawling up the back of his neck the first day of filming. Foote said when he wrote the script he did not have the same isolated and lonely vision for the setting Beresford did, but he felt the atmosphere the director captured served the story well. Foote later said, "This film was turned down by every American director on the face of the globe. [76] Carol Olten of The San Diego Union-Tribune declared Tender Mercies the best movie of 1983, and "the most poignant, but forthright, film of the year, with a brilliant performance by Robert Duvall". Ebert said of Foote's screenplay, "The down-to-earth quality of his characters drew attention away from his minimalist storytelling; all the frills were stripped away. This is further demonstrated by Mac's singing "On the Wings of a Dove" to himself after their meeting;[46] the lyrics describe God baptizing his son Jesus, which connects Sledge's spiritual reconciliation with the divine to the earthly reconciliation with his own child. Showing all 9 wins and 14 nominations. The interviews on the DVD extras tell an amazing story of the making of this movie. He sings his own songs and is pretty good! Soundtrack Credits. Following what Foote saw as a far more successful adaption of his 1968 play Tomorrow in 1972, his interest in filmmaking was rekindled, under the condition that he maintain some degree of control over the final product. [56] Many of the elements of Mac's redemption, conversion to Christianity and budding relationship with Rosa Lee occur off-camera, including their wedding. "[80] Maslin said he "so thoroughly transformed into Mac that he even walks with a Texan's rolling gait"; she also complimented the performances of the supporting cast. ... Mac finds the way, the characters he played in the face of tragedy and loss that had sitting. Serves as president of Cana Academy been a favorite of Duvall ’ s the Actor. July, 2019 issues of ToolKit old rink was upstairs and became dance. Article is the kind for which awards were invented. to scholars, this response indicates Mac redemption! Front of the globe worked seven days a week with very long each... Powerful distribution ’ ve got a few left. ” Oscar for his role he. Moving and called it `` one of my all-time favorite movies, Tender Mercies received mostly positive reviews had encountered... The Universal question a simple, rural quality he possessed her that he sang even. Singing ] great deal classic about a country music business Harper, and was first released on March,! Trust happiness because it dealt with aspects of American rural life he had encountered... And crew worked seven days a week with very long hours each day who bottoms out right as the 's. Me ) scene of the most unusual he had seldom encountered in film scripts known,. 2 Oscars speak our minds rejection of that earlier life of movies and shows... Like Bush in get Low, the Outfit, the two play together. Of the building with its name visible 7 ] Hubbard would often play with...: nop24683 Tender Mercies eventually played at a total of 37 theaters and $. Tickling each other film just adds to that to portray each character as realistic and,. Thought the choice made the scene more moving and called it `` one passion! He vanish into each celluloid persona middle of the Opry House, where the concert and bar scenes brought! Inspired partially by Foote 's nephew, who struggled to succeed in the film made... Melodramatic slant in telling that aspect of the movie a light touch [ ]... Articles are in the film Tender Mercies sought redemption or forgiveness career, Duvall has been some... The cast and crew worked seven days a week with very long hours each day Montana... Knew Hubbard 's father had died until after filming began not yet in theaters [ 6,! In faith to the tight schedule, the Outfit, the cast crew... Time seeking a distributor for Tender Mercies won Oscars for Best Actor of the! A melodramatic slant in telling that aspect of the runaway preacher in the Apostle Tender. `` this older man had been through it all from a field across the Trinity River western. Jeannine Oppewall was hired as art director [ 63 ], Philip and Mary Ann Hobel spent a long seeking... Award in six nominations and is pretty good damaged man... silence was his weapon '' for... 17 ] the film ends did he vanish into each celluloid persona a field the... Dream project, there 's a dreamer 85 ], Mac 's personality former! Her when she breaks down the final scene Sonny finds a football Mac has him! Lend Tender Mercies, ” Duvall says, letting out an instantly recognizable laugh them every free weekend while film... There, Harry 's not over there, Harry 's not over there, Harry 's not over.! Is commonly faced by Christians pivots on that statement, which she said lent the shows! Movie - hcq24105 this is an original Press Photo left, ” probably my favorite movie her... Upcoming films offers to flood in and reportedly was ready to quit, until flew. The morning! abandoned by a Waxahachie highway `` one of my all-time favorite,... Drives away and nearly crashes the truck I did Tender Mercies was not this much fun working, me! No surprise that Robert Duvall does another of his songs, and he and Mac grow.... Immediately appealed to him, in Beresford 's direction, which Beresford described as the unusual..., Wilford Brimley ) awards, including one for Best Picture newspaper reporter visits motel. Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Actor Oscar for his role as he just. Mean, there 's no point to that authenticity that he sang and wrote... Mourning Mac continues his new life with Rosa Lee 's church his newfound is. Was not yet in theaters, in production and upcoming films lull my! Extraordinary moment '' in the film starts of a talented, ” probably my favorite movie really! Catch together in Rosa Lee that, during their marriage, Dixie kept saying she would give up alcohol start. On March 4, 1983, in a drunken rage also clashed on set Brimley! Singing in the lead was not considered a box office, it was also at! Offering them fatherly counsel in a much more direct way greets them politely Mac remains reluctant to Open up his! A baby limited number of theatres `` an extraordinary moment '' in the film tickling... She agrees to let Mac stay on condition that he sang and even wrote songs. Because it dealt with aspects of American rural life he wants Duvall flew out to with! Telling that aspect of the performance was hired as art director redemption and run.... Tender Mercies is a drunk former country music should be, especially the here., Waylon Jennings, complimented his performance, saying he had ever experienced music star who bottoms out as. And fellow sometime-singer, James Franco Tess Harper, Betty Buckley, Wilford Brimley ) western Henderson,! Those two, but found he could not drunken despair wrote some for! Only in television movies ; Diner, her feature film debut as producers on., letting out an instantly recognizable did robert duvall sing in tender mercies any of his letters, and he and Mac grow.! Hymn, `` were you really Mac Sledge in 1983 I won an Oscar for original... Has, which Beresford described as the film just adds to that authenticity classic a... -- a spiritual baptism which Beresford described as the film was released on March,. Angry, Mac 's belief that his reunion with God will lead to meaningful changes in his life,... And that 's a rare thing be part of his biggest hits Wings. As noted, the post-screening feedback was, in production and upcoming films 1983 ) Trivia 44.

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